Why we no longer need to look to Turtle bay and Rum Kitchen, the quest for Black owned fine dining?


Many of us want to support Black British business, as many of us are aware of the narratives about Black owned spaces and know that if we don’t support first, others won’t . As a tailor, I know first-hand how important Black consumers have been in supporting me and ensuring my cliental grows. There have been many recent controversies about people owning business posing like they are for the culture and making loads of money from it, when people from that culture are struggling to make similar business models. One of these is fine dining -Black Owned restaurants.

We have looked wide and far to find you a top quality London based 3 course meal that is Black owned. We have found Annaya place and they serve tasty and beautiful meals from Jamaican. Please support them and put Black cuisines on the map.

By Ife Thompson

If we as a people realized the greatness from which we came we would be less likely to disrespect ourselves.