The Team

Ife Thompson – Founder

She has over 4 years of experience working with her community, she is committed to ensuring the Black diaspora in the UK and beyond thrive. She is also an Outreach Worker for the Rooted Project.  Due to her commitment to working within her community; she has regularly seen how the effects of institutionalised racism has devastated her community and  She is currently training to be a Barrister to help challenge and redress these injustices. Ife is also trained as a mental health first aider, she has a wealth of knowledge on useful early prevention mechanisms and knows how to respond to somebody during crisis.

ife pic

Toyin Yakubu – Co Founder 

She has a good understanding of how negative imagery effects how people perceive  themselves and works with BLAM to promote positive narratives about Black Britishness. She currently holds a masters in Psychology. She is also hands on and is key point of call in organising and planning all our Hub and Rooted Project events.


Chioma Wuche-  Event and Promotion Co-ordinator

She ensures that we constantly are finding new talent that can be used for our HUB sessions. She also promotes and works on growing BLAM’s Partnerships. She is also an Outreach Worker for the Rooted Project.


Elizabeth Quamina- Finance Manager

Elisabeth helps ensure the BLAM finances are kept up to date and she is the first point of call in ensuring our finances are in shape. Elisabeth has a passion in ensuring that the Black British community going forward can have inter generational wealth. She is also an Outreach Worker for the Rooted Project.

Rasheed Rollins- Funding Manger

He has a passion to see his community thrive. Rasheed currently ensures that BLAM’s funding applications are completed. He has a good understanding of how to work and grow social enterprises as he set one up in 2015. He is also training to become a Solicitor.


Eva Makena- Media Strategist

She ensures all our social media content is up to date and ensures that our promotional material is succinct and clear. Eve has a passion of connecting the Black British diaspora to the homeland Africa and centres on projects around this.

Frankie Chappell–  Researcher

She ensures we have all the relevant information about the Black British community in the UK and she often writes summaries on sections within the black community we need to focus on.


Zainab Rahman Community Engagement– Zainab focuses on ensuring BLAM attendees are kept up to date with our events, she also gathers information on areas they feel BLAM should focus on at upcoming events. She also engages with parents and informs them about the Rooted Project.